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Blanchards Bailey secures £8,000 compensation for client

Blanchards Bailey has succeeded in securing a client compensation of £8,000 from an adjoining landowner.

The case involved tree roots from a neighbouring playing field damaging our client’s property. The adjoining landowner had been notified that the roots were beginning to cause damage on a number of occasions but had taken no action to rectify the problem. Blanchards Bailey achieved an out of court settlement for our client that will enable her to make the necessary repairs to her property.

If someone is doing something lawful on their land, but this act damages or interferes with your enjoyment of your land to a substantial degree, a claim for private nuisance can be brought.

If you believe that you have experienced a similar situation or have a claim for private nuisance, please contact Paul Dunlop or Edward O’Brien at Blanchards Bailey for a no obligation initial consultation.